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ACCC 2009 Project

ACCC Projects with ACIA – 2009

  1. Gymnasium – Architect = D/H & K ($1,534,253.00)
    Air conditioning, locker rooms, showers, exercise room; Bid date = 4/2/09
  2. 1)  Culinary Arts (M Building) – expansion and covered walkways to freezers on exterior
    2)  Library (D Building) – computer room, lifts, reconfiguration of main service desk area.  Architect = M. Blumberg (Total B1+2=$1,078230.00); Bid date = 3/4/09
  3. Theatre – Architect = Daley & Jalboot ($200,000.00)
    New stage rigging, sound system, dimming panel; Bid date 3/9/09
  4. Central Power Plant – Engineer = DaVinci ($900,000.00)
    Asbestos mitigation, chillers, cooling tower, boilers (alternate); Bid date = 3/3/09
  5. Pressure Wash & Seal All Buildings – Architect = J. Callaghan
    ($875,000.00)  Pre Bid = 2/24; Bid Date = 3/3/09
  6. New Site Lighting & Infrastructure – Engineer = DaVinci
    ($120,000.00); Bid date = 4/13/09
  7. Photovoltaic Units on Roofs – Architect = Gable Associates
    (third party); Bid Date = 4/21/09
  8. Mechanical Upgrade (fin tubes) in J – Engineer = Yezzi
    ($230,000.00); Bid date = 5/7/09
  9. Coping Stones Buildings M & one façade Building D – Architect – The Design Collaborative ($150,000.00); Bid date = 5/11/09
  10. Two additional Rutgers Modular Buildings - Lease
        Bid date = 2/13/09
  11. Hood Suppression M Building (Ansul Systems) – ($80,000.00)
    Bid date = 3/9/09
  12. Recondition Soccer Field/Baseball to Softball Field Transition - $200,000.00; Bid date = TBD

Total  A to K =   $5,167,483.00
                  L =    $200,000.00

                                                        $5,367,483.00 = Projects Total

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Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays landing - 2009 Renovations

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) is acting as a project manager for the Atlantic Cape Community College for various college renovation projects during the spring, summer, and fall of 2009.

A schedule of pre-bid meetings and bid openings relative to the construction contracts to be bid by the ACCC is as follows:

  • 3/9/2009 Pre-Bid Meeting for Theater renovation at 11am
  • 3/9/2009 Bid Opening Brick Cleaning at 2:00 pm - All Buildings
  • 3/18/2009 Bid Opening Theater renovation at 11 am
  • 3/24/2009 Pre-Bid Meeting Gymnasium (tentative) - Building E
  • 4/9/2009 Bid Opening Gymnasium (tentative) - Building E
  • The schedule will be updated by the ACIA as information becomes available.

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Building 'G' Demolition Project Before and After Photos Available

The Site of the work to be performed under the contract is Building “G” on the CAMPUS of the ATLANTIC CAPE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, 5100 BLACK HORSE PIKE (RTE. 322), MAYS LANDING, HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, NJ.  The campus’ block and lot numbers in Hamilton Township are Block 996, Lot 26.

The work required consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary to perform demolition of a concrete masonry structure, removal and disposal of all materials as described in the technical specifications.  All equipment, materials and any other work required for proper completion implied or intended in the Plans or Specifications, shall be furnished/installed without extra cost to the Owner.  The work shall further included the removal and documented proper disposal of the asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) and the petroleum bearing soils referenced in the ACER Associates, LLC summary reports which constitute Section P of the Project Manual.  In addition, the contractor shall permanently close the potable well which was utilized at Building G when the building was in use.  This permanent closure shall be executed by a licensed driller in accordance with N.J.A.C. 7:9D-3 and any other applicable state regulations.  Existing vegetation removal to accommodate demolition activities shall be the responsibility of the Contractor.  Vegetation removal shall first be coordinated with the Atlantic County Improvement Authority and the Atlantic Cape Community College Facilities Department.

The contractor shall plant the site as per the landscaping requirements of the Technical Specifications.

Site of Building 'G' After Demolition
Site of Building 'G' After Demolition
Building 'G' Before
Building 'G' Before Demolition

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Atlantic County Institute of Technology Expansion Project

The primary goal of the project is to facilitate the conversion of the existing complex into a full-time comprehensive high school. The evaluation of existing uses within the buildings juxtaposed to the newly developed educational program criteria results in a highest and best use plan. Similar programs are grouped and spatially related to other educational programs to take advantage of existing special use spaces such as science and lab areas. Core facilities such as the library, gym, performing arts and cafeteria are centrally located for easy access and interior circulation reduction. Students spend less time traveling between classes and more time in class. Circulation is simplified and enhances a comfortable atmosphere.

Update on the mechanical systems in existing Bldg 100.  All (9) Roof top units will be set by mid week next week. All VAV boxes are installed, Ducted, Piped & controls are mounted. HVAC piping is about 95% complete. Mechanical room is about 75% complete. The new sanitary line in front of bldg will be completed by the end of the week. Science, Nurse's office & Faculty area plumbing is 75% complete. The kitchen is about 60% complete. Ceiling Grid is currently being installed, Painting is on going. Sprinkler pipe is 75% complete.

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Atlantic Cape Community College's Worthington Center Painting and Paving Project Photos Available

Project management services provided by the ACIA to the Atlantic Cape Community College for the renovations of the Worthington Campus in Atlantic City.  The scope of the renovations has been expanded to include an exterior dumpster location, resurfacing of the existing parking areas, the provision of new parking areas, and the painting of the building’s exterior. 

Worthington Center Parking Area Resurfacing
Worthington Center Parking Area Resurfacing
Worthing Building Sign Repainted
Worthing Building Sign Repainted


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