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City of Ventnor Sewer Main Replacement Project (Troy & Baton Rouge Avenues)  Phase I

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) personnel would monitor the development of a design schedule and track the engineering firm’s progress through schematic and design development on to the construction documents phase of the project.  With the approval of the City for design and construction documents, the Authority would assist the City with the public bidding of the project or would conduct its own bid cycle if that is the City’s desire.  The end result would be a contract for construction between the civil construction contractor and the City of Ventnor or the ACIA. 

The project management/contract administration staff will perform these duties:   daily site inspections:  maintain a daily activity log detailing work performed, project manning totals per trade and contractor, problems encountered, clarifications required, and schedule impacts; evaluate field conditions;  coordinate design engineer inspections and site visits;  review all payment applications for completeness and cross – reference with work in place to date prior to those applications being forwarded to the design engineer for possible certification;   maintain a shop drawing/submittal log in order to expedite contractor submission and engineer review;  evaluate change order requests relative to field events prior to their submission to the engineer for review and possible approval; coordination with all utilities involved with the project;   facilitate utility communications with the design engineer to insure proper project coordination;   facilitate the interface of contractors with utilities and governmental entities;  conduct (chair) job progress meetings generating minutes of such;  report to the City regarding project progress at regular intervals;  facilitate the transmission of all close out, “punch list”, and “as built” information between the contractors and the design engineer monitor the execution of “punchlist” requirements by all contractors.

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The Demolition of Residential Building & Swimming Pool at 252 E. Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway Township, NJ Block 981.01, Lot 16

The work required consists of furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary to perform demolition of the residential structure and in-ground swimming pool together with the removal and disposal of all materials as described in the technical specifications.  All equipment, materials and any other work required for proper completion implied or intended in the Plans or Specifications, shall be furnished/installed without extra cost to the Owner.  The work shall further included the removal and documented proper disposal of the asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) referenced in the ACER Associates, LLC summary report which is a component of the Project Manual. 

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Camp Acagisca ADA Retrofit

The ACIA is acting as the project manager for the Camp Acagisca ADA Retrofit project.  The Architect for this project is Sykes O’Connor Salerno Hazaveh Architects (SOSH).  The project consists of Renovations to the Lodge, Pavilion, Restrooms, plumbing, mechanical, & electrical work.  The site previously was an old girl scout camp.  With the help of ACIA and the County Funds Camp Acagisca will be renovated in summer, 2007.

Front End Documents and Drawings are available at the ACIA for pick up and at a cost of $25.00.  Addendums, Bid Opening results, & List of Plan holders will be posted on this website when available.

The Pre bid Meeting will be held at the ACIA’s Office, on Friday, June 15, 2007 at 2:00 pm SHARP!

The Bid Opening will be held at the ACIA’s Office, on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 2:00 pm SHARP

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JFK Plaza Band Shell, Boardwalk, Atlantic City Photos Available

The ACIA is acting as the project manager for the erection of a new 40' x 30' laminated wave beam band shell in JFK Plaza in front of the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.  The structure was purchased by the CRDA through the Atlantic City Special Improvement District.  It is being erected by Shore Building Contractors Inc. of Hammonton, NJ via a contract bid and awarded by the ACIA by means of CRDA funding.

JFK Band Shell
Band Shell View 1
JFK Band Shell
Band Shell View 2


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Rehabilitation & Restoration of the Brighton Park, Atlantic City, NJ

The Fountain of Light is a contributing historic element along the Atlantic City Boardwalk as identified in the Preservation Plan for the Atlantic City Boardwalk prepared by the CRDA and dated September 2005.  The Fountain of Light is likely eligible for listing on the New Jersey and the National Registers of Historic Places.  The Fountain of Light was a gift from the General Electric Company in 1929 on the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Atlantic City.  Restoration work now underway will return the fountain to its original grandeur.

The ACIA is acting as the project manager for the restoration, repair, and replacement of fountain elements including nozzles, rings, and lights, paint removal and concrete patching of the exterior lower basin walls and lower basin floor.  The projects intention is to restore the fountain to its original functional grandeur.

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Criminal Courthouse, Mays Landing New JerseyAtlantic County Criminal Court Complex Photos Available

The new Atlantic County Criminal Court Complex, located at 4997 Unami Boulevard in Mays Landing, opened on May 3, 2004. The 176,000 square foot complex houses the offices of the county prosecutor and sheriff in addition to the criminal court operations.

As project manager of the $40 million complex, the Improvement Authority’s responsibilities included design and development, contract administration, planning and permit approvals, road construction, utility installation, and post-construction activities.

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Atlantic County Three Bridges ProjectHUD Disaster Recovery Initiative Atlantic County Three Bridges Project Photos Available

The ACIA was project manager and held the construction contract for the reconstruction of Jeffers Landing Road in Egg Harbor Township, two bridges in Egg Harbor City, and one bridge in Galloway Township. The Office of Community Development secured $742,000 in funds for the project from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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Globe in Boardwalk HallBoardwalk Hall Photos Available

The Authority continues to oversee the $90 million Renovation of the Historic Boardwalk Hall. As part of the project, “The New Atlantic Globe” or “The Mermaid and the Bathing Beauty” by Kenneth Leap of Runnemede, New Jersey, was installed

Boardwalk Hall Organ Update

By: David Preston, ACIA at Boardwalk Hall

Under Contract #11 & #11A David Preston of the Atlantic County Improvement Authority managed the clean-up of all 10 organ chambers at the Historic Boardwalk Hall.  All of the chambers were properly cleaned and HEPA vacuum within the guidelines of the Asbestos Control and Licensing Act.  (NJSA 34:5A-32 et.seq., P.L. 1984) and the Uniform Construction Code Act.  (New Jersey S.A.

The fire suppression system was installed and completed in a safe and professional manner.  Many of the chambers have both pendent and side wall heads installed in order to suppress the fire in any direction.  The heads in the cambers are protected with heavy metal baskets to prevent accidental triggering or ruptures.  Each chamber also has its own individual water leak detection panel located outside of the chamber doors.  Each detection panel is tried into the master control panel located in the fire command center which is manned 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. 

Boardwalk HallAll of the old chamber entrance doors have been replaced.  Each organ chamber has new state-of-the-art 45 minute fire rated doors.  Gone are the old hasps and padlocks from yesteryear.

The multitude of old incandescent light bulbs in the chambers has been replaced with modern high-brightness fluorescent bulbs.  The results are amazing and now the view from the hall into the Right Stage chamber is quite remarkable.  You can see all four levels of pipe work more clearly than ever before.

A remarkable long-forgotten animated scale model of Boardwalk Hall façade was recently discovered and restored by David Preston, A.C.I.A. representative of Boardwalk Hall.  The model was built presumably prior to the hall’s construction.

When Senator Emerson Richards was asked to design a pipe organ to fill what would be one of the most cavernous public assembly rooms in the world, his genius extended to creating a precursor to today’s modern motion picture theatre stereophonic surround sound systems.  The Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ has huge main left and right chambers flanking the proscenium of the stage – a fair comparison to the left and right channels of contemporary high fidelity stereophonic sound systems.

The four Gallery chambers of the Midmer-Losh organ are located in the side walls of the auditorium in much of the same ways as surround sound speakers are located in motion picture and home systems.  They each created separate and distinct signals, but the concept of surrounding the enveloping listeners with music in such a manner is definitely pause for thought and a tribute to Richard’s creative thinking at the time.

To cap things off, Richards added overhead sound sources in the ceiling of the auditorium with the beautiful Fanfare and Echo organs, high above the listener’s head.  These were again placed out in the Hall and away from the main left and right chambers.  This places the organ far ahead of current theatre surround sound systems.  Experimental motion picture sound systems are only now beginning to experiment with sound source from above and below the seated audiences.

When this extraordinary organ is fully restored and one can again hear it in its entirety, it should have audience-pulling power like nothing else in the world.

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Richmond Avenue School Relocation

The Richmond Avenue School Relocation Project was the third relocation project undertaken by the ACIA on behalf of the Atlantic City Board of Education (ACBOE). This particular site consisted of 26 separate properties, 21 of which were homeowners. The ACIA successfully relocated 21 homeowners and five tenants from the Richmond
Avenue site, which will enable the ACBOE to build a new Richmond Avenue School. ACIA assisted two former tenants in becoming homeowners.

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Façade Programs  Photos Available

Over the past eight years, the ACIA has acted as project manager for various residential and commercial improvement programs in Atlantic City. Pictured below is one of the properties that recently received façade improvements as part of the Bungalow Park Façade Program. The ACIA also completed the project management of the Westside III and IV Phases of residential façade improvements in 2004 in addition to beginning similar services for the Ducktown and Boston/Sovereign Avenue Commercial Façade Projects. Financing for these projects was provided by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

Westside Facade Program - Phase V - Atlantic City, NJ

ACIA is the project manager of the Westside Façade Program – Phase V – 50/50 grant or deferred loan project which consists of exterior façade improvements to 10 (ten) occupied dwellings in the Westside district of Atlantic City, from Kentucky Avenue to Arkansas Avenue & Horace J. Bryant Jr. Drive to Leeds Avenue.  The Architect is Sykes O’Connor Salerno Hazaveh (SOSH) of Atlantic City

Facade Program - Before
Facade Program - After

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