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The Atlantic County Improvement Authority

Completed Projects

Atlantic County Extension Services Building Renovations

The Project consists of the renovations of several areas in the building as
follows: 1.  A new concrete front entrance, step and walkways from sidewalk to front doors to comply with accessibility codes. 2. Installation of automatic door closer for front and vestibule doors.  3.  Renovation to single men's and women's restrooms to make them accessible.  4. Replacement of some doors and openings throughout the building to comply with accessibility codes.  5. New accessible parking spaces in the rear of the building, including new rear door, and corridor modification to comply with accessibility codes.

Bid Results

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Brigantine Community & Senior Center Project

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) is providing project management services to the City of Brigantine for the parochial school renovation and expanding into a Community Senior Center project.  The project architect is Sykes – O’Connor, Salerno, and Hazaveh (SOSH). 

- ACIA will attend all design development review meetings, assist A/E with the compilation of all “front end” bidding documents, advise A/E re: bidding documents adherence to the New Jersey Local Public Contracts Law, conduct the pre-bid meeting and generate the minutes of the meeting, forward to the A/E all information necessary for any “front end” addenda, conduct a public bid opening and assist the A/E with all bid submission reviews, conduct a pre-construction conference and generate the conference minutes, maintain a project submittal log (presenting updates of the log at all Job Progress Meetings), conduct Job Progress Meetings (minutes are in A/E scope), monitor project progress and contractor(s) manning levels on a daily basis, daily reports will be packaged and distributed to the Owner and A/E on a weekly basis, assist A/E with application for payment and C.O.R. reviews by supplying input via field observations, facilitate the installation of the FFE package, assist A/E with all closeout procedures and documentation (to include monitoring of contractor execution of “punch list” items), assist/facilitate the execution of any commissioning activities conducted by the C x A (if any)

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Demolition of Structures/Removal of Trash & Vegetation at the Isard Property in Egg Harbor Twp. Project

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) is providing project management services to the Department of Regional Planning and Economic Development Department of Atlantic County.  The scope of environmental mitigation will be set by the findings of the HAZMAT investigations.  The Hazmat survey shall have as its subject the structures themselves (exterior and interior) and associated structures and grounds.  A Preliminary Assessment Report was prepared for the County of Atlantic by French and Parrello Associates, P.A.   ACIA will issue an RFP letter for HAZMAT assessment consultant services regarding the buildings’ exterior and interior construction materials and any suspect soils in the buildings’ vicinity; Review consultant responses in consultation with your Department and enter into an agreement with the successful respondent;  Coordinate the environmental assessment activities of the consultant, receive the consultant’s findings report and mitigation specifications (if required by findings);  Assemble bidding documents, publicly advertise the demolition and removal project, conduct a public bid opening, review bid results in consultation with your Department, award the demolition contract, and enter into the contract with the successful bidder;  Coordinate demolition activities of the contractor and the monitoring activities of the environmental consultants (if needed) with the requirements of all applicable regulatory agencies or departments;   Document all demolition, removal and close-out activities.

Mott's Creek Bulkhead Improvement Project

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) and the Atlantic County Department of Regional Planning and Economic Development have discussed the need for the Mott's Creek Bulkhead Improvement and public access to shorefront of Galloway Township at the terminus of Mott’s Creek Road.  ACIA would provide project management services to the Atlantic County Department of Regional Planning and Economic Development.  ACIA would then proceed to the construction documents, public bid, construction, and closeout phases of the project.  A succeeding ACIA proposal for its services in these phases would be issued when the full scope of the improvements becomes evident during the design development phase.

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Next Generation Aviation Research Park Project

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) is pleased to submit the following proposal to the South Jersey Economic Development District (SJEDD) for the provision of field inspections and project management/contract administration services related to the initial development of the Next Generation Aviation Research Park in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, NJ.

The proposal is predicted upon the execution of three contracts for construction.
          They are as follows:

  1. Infrastructure Improvements and Delilah Road Widening (cost estimate = $4,800,000.00)
  2. Sewerage Pumping Station (cost estimate = $500,000.00).
  3. FAA Communications Conduit Extension (cost estimate = $500,000.00).

The duration for service provision is based upon a 12 month timeline for contract(s) execution (November, 2009 to November, 2010).

More project information is availabe from the links to the left.

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